Dinner Table Resilience

Join Sarah Johnson, Mental Health Director at the La Crosse Family YMCA, for our video series on building resilience.
Tips, topics, strategies, and skills that we can use at our own tables to build resilience in ourselves and others.

Episode 1: What is Mental Health?

Episode 2: Emotion Identification

Episode 3: Resilience Role Models

Episode 4: Who Helped You Build Resilience 

Episode 5: Growth Mindset

Episode 6: How Are You? and Coping Skills

Episode 7: Self-care

Episode 8: Green Light Skills

Episode 9: Green Light Skill Breathe 

Episode 10: Green Light Skill Hunger Fullness Scale

Episode 11: Green Light Skill Move Your Body

Episode 12: Geen Light Skill Rest Your Body

Episode 13: Green Light Skill Support Wheel

Episode 14: Green Light Skill “I” Messages

Episode 15: Green Light Skill Do Something You Enjoy

Episode 16: Green Light Skill Practice, Practice, Practice 

Episode 17: Green Light Skill The Noticing Game

Episode 18: Green Light Skill Take Your Medicine

Episode 19: Green Light Skill Mindful of What’s Going In and On

Episode 20: Green Light Skill Ask for Help When You Need It

Episode 21: Green Light Skills Review

Episode 22: Red Light Skills

You can find more mental health resources at the La Crosse Area Family YMCA website.